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Gilead Questions July 5, 2007

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I just thought I’d take the initiative to post a few questions about this month’s book, Gilead. These questions are mostly general format/structure questions.

* What are your first impressions of the narrator, John Ames?

* What are your thoughts about how the books is structured with no chapters, and written as a letter in a very journal-like style to the narrator’s son? Do you like the approach or not? Why?

That’s all I have time for right now. The beginning is slow but stick with it. I finished it a few weeks ago and really enjoyed it.


Gilead: Pages 1-50 July 2, 2007

Posted by Michelle in Uncategorized.

It’s July and we should be starting on Gilead.

I can see that Sharron is supposed to be leading this discussion. If it’s Sharron H., I’m guessing that she isn’t feeling up for it. Usually Bethany would take over but if you weren’t already aware, Bethany just gave birth to a beautiful baby girl and has her hands more than full.

Would anyone else like to take initiative and post a few questions?

If you have any thoughts on the first 50 pages (there aren’t any chapters and I believe there is only one version of the book, I hope…) you can post them here.

Time To Start!!! Time To Start!! September 1, 2006

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Today is the day!!  Yippiee!!!!!  Start reading if you have not already.  Then jump in as we discuss our thoughts on the book.

Leap of Faith: Chapters 5-6 August 31, 2006

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We are discussing chapters 5 and 6 here. Leave and check out comments below.

Leap of Faith: Chapters 3-4 August 31, 2006

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We are discussing thoughts through chapters 3-4 here. Check out the comments below.

Leap of Faith: Chapters 1 and 2 August 31, 2006

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Okay here is the spot you can start discussing your thoughts on the first 2 chapters here!!! What do you think so far? What are your likes and dislikes? I am going to leave my comments to the comment section. Obviously this book we won’t be spoiling too much of a plot but I want to get into practice. On the last week we will be discussing in full and I will put questions and comments on the main post. Fire away. I was going to schedule these to post early in the morning but I have been getting emails from all you early readers.  😉  (I am included in that group)  So due to the holiday weekend and everyone itching to start discussing the book.  Here you go.  Merry Christmas a day early.  HEE HEE.

Tomorrow!! August 31, 2006

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Check back tomorrow and start adding to the topic. PS try to keep comments to the chapters listed on post so we don’t ruin anything for anyone. I am going to add post 2 chapters at a time. I have it set up to start early tomorrow morning for you East Coast Gals. So how many speed readers are there? I have added through chapter 8. I don’t want to add too many and have the early posts get lost to the slower readers. However, I am open to any changes to make things work as smooth as possible. Can’t wait.

2 Days Left August 30, 2006

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Only 2 more days.

Countdown 4 days left August 28, 2006

Posted by Han in Leap of Faith by Queen Noor, Uncategorized.

Hope you all have your first book and are ready to start.  I know a few of you have already started reading.  😉

Just want to let you all know as you begin the book that I am sure there will be some that don’t agree with everything written in the book etc etc.  This is my first time reading the book but part of the reason I chose this particular book was to have a better WORLD view.  To understand how someone submersed in another culture and religion different from my own views the world politics and history.  I think this book will be very interesting in light of our current events.  I think it will give us a better understanding of what others believe and why and hopefully make us a better person in the process.  So I hope you enjoy.  On September 1st I will go ahead and put a post up for the first few chapters and you all can start sharing and interacting there as soon as you have read a little.

We are up to 18 Members!! August 16, 2006

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We have 18 Members now. Not too late to join us. Check the link below to see who has joined the group.

Bloggers’ Book Club Members

What Is The Process August 15, 2006

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Just wanted to clarify how we are going to do this.  Had gotten some questions.  We are going to START reading the selected book on September 1st.  When we start I will be setting up posts based on sections or chapters.  So if you have not gotten to a certain point in the book you would not want to jump into that discussion and ruin any plot etc.  These will mostly be informal.  Like an oh my goodness or did you notice this kind of discussion.  You can jump in and comment as you normally do on those posts.  We will have a goal of wrapping up reading by the last week so that we can fully discuss the book at that time.  We could post questions to help encourage discussion at the beginning of the last week so that everyone can pop in when they can and give their thoughts and insights.  Then on October 1st we will begin reading the next selection.  I am open to adapting and changing this as we go if need be.  My thoughts are that I will be doing the first book and trying to iron out the details.  When your book is the one we are reading you will be the one posting on chapters and giving some questions the last week.  For those of you not familiar with wordpress or blogging I can walk you through the steps of posting.  When it is not your month to post you can still post anytime in the Coffee Talk category and that will give you an area to become familiar with posting in.  Email or post questions or ideas here.

Setting Up Members To Post August 12, 2006

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In order to set you up as a contributor to this blog I need you all to create a free wordpress account at http://www.wordpress.com then email me with the email you used and I will set you up. No rush. I just will need you set up before it is your turn to post on your book.

Don’t forget to order or go pick up your first book. We will be starting September 1st!