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October Wrap Up October 19, 2006

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Just a reminder that wrap up for Peace Like A River is by 24th. Then we will have a week to finish up discussions. The next book starts November 1st and will be led by Nicole. So if you haven’t picked up your copy of The Poisonwood Bible…hop to it. 😉



Peace Like A River: Starts Sunday September 27, 2006

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Just a reminder if you haven’t already picked up the next book to do so this weekend. We will start reading and discussing Peace Like A River on Sunday!!


On the Site September 14, 2006

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Just wanted to let you all know that there is a Leap of Faith by Queen Noor Category on the sidebar. You can click there and it will take you to all the posts on the Leap of Faith book. I will be doing that for all the books we read. Also I added the books we are reading to the top for easy access and will update the current book up there as it changes. For the getting to know you section I thought it would be fun to add some thumbnail pics so if you have a pic email it to me and I will add to that section. Thanks everyone for jumping in and joining the discussion. I know there were several who couldn’t do it this month…we look forward to hearing from you on the next book. Thanks…I am having fun hope you all are too.

Quote of Note September 5, 2006

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While reading the book if anyone has a quote that really stands out to them email it to me or post it here and I will add to the sidebar. I know a few of our members are without internet connection this week due to vacation or computer problems…we can’t wait until you are able to add to our discussion. And those of you blurking we would love to hear your thoughts…I know in talking with many of you a lot of us are working through this book and at the same time trying to understand history etc. Also if anyone else has books or links that might be helpful in understanding what went on during this time that would be great too. I know Ashleigh has linked some in chapter 3-4 discussion that are worth checking out. Hope you all are enjoying this book…sorry to start out with such a heavy topic and harder read.  For those of you still in the first chapters it does pick up when she gets married.  😉

We are up to 18 Members!! August 16, 2006

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We have 18 Members now. Not too late to join us. Check the link below to see who has joined the group.

Bloggers’ Book Club Members

What Is The Process August 15, 2006

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Just wanted to clarify how we are going to do this.  Had gotten some questions.  We are going to START reading the selected book on September 1st.  When we start I will be setting up posts based on sections or chapters.  So if you have not gotten to a certain point in the book you would not want to jump into that discussion and ruin any plot etc.  These will mostly be informal.  Like an oh my goodness or did you notice this kind of discussion.  You can jump in and comment as you normally do on those posts.  We will have a goal of wrapping up reading by the last week so that we can fully discuss the book at that time.  We could post questions to help encourage discussion at the beginning of the last week so that everyone can pop in when they can and give their thoughts and insights.  Then on October 1st we will begin reading the next selection.  I am open to adapting and changing this as we go if need be.  My thoughts are that I will be doing the first book and trying to iron out the details.  When your book is the one we are reading you will be the one posting on chapters and giving some questions the last week.  For those of you not familiar with wordpress or blogging I can walk you through the steps of posting.  When it is not your month to post you can still post anytime in the Coffee Talk category and that will give you an area to become familiar with posting in.  Email or post questions or ideas here.

Setting Up Members To Post August 12, 2006

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In order to set you up as a contributor to this blog I need you all to create a free wordpress account at http://www.wordpress.com then email me with the email you used and I will set you up. No rush. I just will need you set up before it is your turn to post on your book.

Don’t forget to order or go pick up your first book. We will be starting September 1st!

Book Club A Work In Progress August 2, 2006

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Okay from the feedback I am getting I think what we will do is have everyone pick a book and then we will all read and discuss at the same time. That way unless it is your month if you need to take a break you can. Also we can be following along together and reacting to the book together online. Lots more fun. Plus this will be less work on the setup for me. If some of you members already have book ideas let me know and I can start working on that list. This will also allow new people to jump in during the middle of the club. Advantage of being one of the first memebers is you get to pick a book.

Book Circle Set Up August 1, 2006

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I am working on a questionnaire to send out to all interested.  I have some not wanting to commit to reading a book every month but have more time and some wanting specific genres so I am going to work something up to start categorizing the circles.  I will keep you all posted.  When you email me let me at least know if you want to be part of a 1 book a month or 1 every 3 months.

Book Club Members August 1, 2006

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If you definitely want to be a member of the Book Club comment on this post. I will add to my roll here as I receive via emails and comments. You do not need to post your full name just first name. You can email me all of your contact info at the following email: bethanyasj-bookclub@yahoo.com

1. Bethany

2. Anne

3. Michelle

4. Ashleigh

5. Heather

6. Sarah

7. Sharron

8. Jaree

9. Danielle

10. Karen

11. Nicole

12. Jane

13. Wendy

14. Chalene

15. Amy

16. Hannah

17. Linni

18.  Seta

We have 11 Members so we are ready to start. However, it is not too late to join us and read along and discuss the books. So if you would like to be included in the Member list just email me or comment here.

Bloggers’ Book Club August 1, 2006

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Welcome to The Bloggers’ Book Club. This will be a book club where members choose the books and lead an online discussion of that book.  We are open to a wide variety of books from classics to Modern Novels.  The first 11 Members will be choosing the books and leading the discussion on those books, however we are open to more members to read and discuss with us.  We will be reading one book a month except for December.  If you are a slow reader or in a busy season you can jump in where you can and don’t have to be committed to the 11 months.  We will have online chats while we are reading the books and at the end of the Month right here on this blog.  So come and join the fun.