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What Is The Process August 15, 2006

Posted by Han in Book Circle Set Up, Uncategorized.

Just wanted to clarify how we are going to do this.  Had gotten some questions.  We are going to START reading the selected book on September 1st.  When we start I will be setting up posts based on sections or chapters.  So if you have not gotten to a certain point in the book you would not want to jump into that discussion and ruin any plot etc.  These will mostly be informal.  Like an oh my goodness or did you notice this kind of discussion.  You can jump in and comment as you normally do on those posts.  We will have a goal of wrapping up reading by the last week so that we can fully discuss the book at that time.  We could post questions to help encourage discussion at the beginning of the last week so that everyone can pop in when they can and give their thoughts and insights.  Then on October 1st we will begin reading the next selection.  I am open to adapting and changing this as we go if need be.  My thoughts are that I will be doing the first book and trying to iron out the details.  When your book is the one we are reading you will be the one posting on chapters and giving some questions the last week.  For those of you not familiar with wordpress or blogging I can walk you through the steps of posting.  When it is not your month to post you can still post anytime in the Coffee Talk category and that will give you an area to become familiar with posting in.  Email or post questions or ideas here.



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