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A Long Way Gone: Chapters 17-18 October 26, 2007

Posted by Michelle in A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier by Ishmael B.


1. Michelle - October 26, 2007

It seems these are the turn around chapters. Whew. This is the first time I recall him expressing remorse. He has softened to Esther. Met his Uncle who so lovingly accepts him into this family. I’m so relieved for Ishmael.

2. heatherelle - October 28, 2007

I was glad he started opening up to Esther. How sad that his experiences not only robbed him of a good chunk of his childhood, but also robbed him of the memories of the small amount of childhood he did experience: “I tried to think about my childhood days, but it was impossible, as I began getting flashbacks of the first time I slit a man’s throat.” p. 160

It’s wonderful how receptive Ishmael’s uncle is. I love how optimistic and forward-looking he is: “Like I said, we cannot go back. But we can start from here. I am your family and that is enough for us to begin liking each other.” p. 172 I did think it a little strange, though, that only his aunt and uncle know about his past life as a soldier. There seems to be so much disparity between what is happening out in the villages and what at this point in time seems to be “normal life” in the city. The fact that his new siblings never even guess at why he is now living with them seems odd to me. Are they, as children, just not even aware of what is happening in other parts of their own country?

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