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A Long Way Gone: Chapters 5-6 October 10, 2007

Posted by Michelle in A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier by Ishmael B.


1. bethany3boys - October 10, 2007

Thanks Michelle….you are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am trying to catch up here. Things just take me longer and my stupid computer keeps crashing several times a day. ARGUH!!!!! I so appreciate you picking running with it. Thanks so much.

2. Ashleigh - October 13, 2007

A few things that stood out to me in these chapters were:

On page 37, he writes, “This was one of the consequences of the civil war. People stopped trusting each other, and every stranger became an enemy. Even people who knew you became extremely careful about how they related or spoke to you.” I guess this plays into one of the reasons in an earlier chapter others wouldn’t share their food with the boys.

Also. on pages 42-43, he talks about how he was a “troublesome boy.” How not having a mother had home and being gossiped about all the time caused him to be tough. I wonder if this will strength and toughness will help him survive through what lies ahead?

The story of his parents being separated shows how even when kids live in very different cultures — say his culture and our American culture — they can still be affected by the same things such as divorce in similar ways. It shows the commonness of the human heart despite different cultural settings and ways.

3. heatherelle - October 15, 2007

That’s a great observation about the commonness of the human heart, Ashleigh. It seems to be human nature to ostracize those who don’t fit in with society’s view of what’s normal. And the pain caused by gossip isn’t unique to one culture either!

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