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Chapter 12: The Earth in Anarchy August 24, 2007

Posted by Ashleigh in The Man Who Was Thursday by GK Chesterton.

1. As Syme and the other policemen are being chased by the mob and find themselves surrounded, they hold on to one last hope. This hope is “the man they never saw.” How can we relate this to our own lives and holding on to faith in what we don’t see?

2. What did you think when you found out that the Secretary and the mob weren’t anarchists, but instead believed the small band of men they were chasing really were? Does this communicate anything about judgments we make about humanity?

3. Any other thoughts?



1. Michelle - August 24, 2007

Random Thoughts:
I’ve started speculating so wildly that when they were talking about the man they never saw, I starting thinking that this man, the man that hired them, was/is going to be revealed as Sunday himself.

Also, I had started to suspect that the mob thought they were the anarchists. It would explain why the guy gave up the horses and the friends the cars, however, I find it funny that the Colonel didn’t figure out the misunderstanding when he got out of the car. It doesn’t make sense to me that he changed his mind so vehemently as to fire upon the friends he just left.

2. Ashleigh - August 24, 2007

Michelle, I’m loving how much you all are pulling from this book on the first read. The first time I read it last winter I was so overwhelmed by its absurdity, I missed a lot of what I’m seeing this time and had no idea ahead a time what was going to happen.

3. Danielle - August 28, 2007

1. That’s immediately what I thought, Ashleigh, as I read that quote. I related it to our faith as Christians. We have faith in something we can’t “see,” although we’ve experienced the “voice” of God in our lives through His word, Holy Spirit, etc.

2. I have to say I was surprised to discover the mob thought Syme and fellows were anarchists and to discover the misunderstanding. I pretty much was taken in with the thoughts of Syme and co.

Michelle, I too think there’s a connection with the man that hired them and Sunday.

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