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Chapter 5: The Feast of Fear August 10, 2007

Posted by Ashleigh in The Man Who Was Thursday by GK Chesterton.

1. As Syme nears the balcony and his first meeting of Sunday, we’re told that while Syme was “utterly devoid of fear in physical dangers, he was a great deal too sensitive to the smell of spiritual evil. Twice already that night little unmeaning things had peeped out at him almost pruiriently, and given him a sense of drawing nearer and nearer to the headquarters of hell.” Do you think this sensitivity will be an asset to him as he poses as an anarchist or determential?

2. How did reading Sunday’s physical description affect your impression of him?

3. What are your thoughts on the council and their descriptions?

4. Any other thoughts on the chapter?



1. Ashleigh - August 22, 2007

In light of what we learn in future chapters, I found the descriptions of the men on the Council really interesting. It makes me stop and evaluate how first perceptions can be influenced by setting and preconceived ideas. After all, Syme formed certain perceptions of each of these men simply based on believing they are anarchists.

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