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In Light of Grapes of Wrath…thought provoking list on signs of coveting May 28, 2007

Posted by Han in Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck.

Grapes of Wrath has me thinking so much about what I consider my needs to be and how selfish I can be etc etc.  Well this Sunday at church our Pastor did a message on giving and he had this list that was very provoking to me and I thought it really related well to what we are reading about in this book.  It is from ” A Christian Directory”  Richard Baxter’s signs of Covetousness.  It was an eye opening list for me….because covetousness isn’t just the envy of our rich friend down the street…it is how we respond as a whole to those around us and our priorities and earthly versus spiritual riches.   Anyhow here it is:

1)  Not preferring God and eternity over our own worldly pleasure; loving worldly pleasures more than we should.

2)  Esteeming and loving the creatures of God as provisions for ourselves and not to further us in serving God.

3)  Desiring More than we need or can use to further God’s kingdom.

4)An inordinate eagerness after earthly things.

5)Being distrustful and consumed with cares about our future provision.

6)Discontent and troubled when we feel poor, having only “our daily bread.”

7)  When our thoughts run more easily to the things of the world than they do toward better things, and these thoughts are more pleasant and sweet to us than thoughts of Christ, grace, and heaven.  Thoughts of experiencing any lack are bitter and grievous, more than thoughts of sin and God’s displeasure.

8)  When our speech is freer and sweeter about worldly wealth than about concerns of God and our soulds.

9)When worldly possessions sway our families and conversations, crowding out and cutting short our involvement in God’s kingdom.

10)  When we are dejected and impatient over losses and worldly injuries.

11)  When worldly matters cause us to engage in contentions and break peace with others, living more by demanding our rights than the honor of God and the good of another’s soul.

12)  When in our trouble and distress we get our comfort more from the thoughts of our money and possessions than from our trust in God, and our hopes of heaven.

13)  When we are more thankful to God or man for outward riches, than we are for our hope of salvation, or a powerful ministry, or good books, or seasonable instruction for the soul.

14)  When we are quiet and pleased if we have plenty in the world, even though our soul is miserable, unsanctified, and unpardoned.

15)  When we are more careful to provide a worldly than a heavenly portion for children and friends, and rejoice more in their bodily than their spiritual prosperity, and are troubled more for their poverty than their ungodliness or sin.

16)  When we see someone in need and have something to give but shut up our compassion by either giving nothing, giving unwillingly, or by giving sparingly.

17)  When we will venture upon sinful means to gain riches; such as lying, overreaching, deceiving, flattering, or going aginst our consciences, or the commands of God.

18)  When we expect too much generosity from others without considering their sacrifice or even resentful of their generosity toward others.

19)When we make too much of worldly riches and we take on too much just to impress others.

20)  When we hold our money tighter than our innocence, and are unable to part with it for the sake of Christ.

21)  When we use our riches only to pamper ourselves and leave “some inconsiderable crumbs or driblets” for God.



1. Jane Swanson - May 28, 2007

Our children’s sermon this Sunday dealt with this. What a great list for an adult”s perspective. THanks so much for sharing Bethany!
who has been SO absent from this reading group and hope to start again soon.

2. Michelle - May 28, 2007

Whew. What a list. Thanks Bethany.

Also, a GRRRRREEEAAAAAT book that would be a splendid followup to The Grapes of Wrath is “Rich Christians in an Age of Hunger” by Ron Sider. I read it last year and it was life changing. I bought it for like everyone I knew for Christmas.

3. Ashleigh - May 28, 2007

Great list, Bethany. Thanks for taking the time to share it!

4. Heather - June 1, 2007

What a great list to ponder, Bethany! Thanks for posting it. There’s a lot of meat to chew on in those signs of covetousness!

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