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The Grapes of Wrath: Chapters 27-30 May 27, 2007

Posted by Michelle in Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck.

What do you think about Tom’s revelation that the greatest calling is to put yourself into service for the collective good? Do you see parallels between this theory and Christianity?

Why do you think Rose of Sharon acted the way she did when she found out about Al’s engagement?



1. bethany3boys - May 27, 2007

I so felt for Rose of Sharon…being pregnant myself and overly emotional I can only begin to fathom what she is going through and feeling. Wanting to nest yet having no where to set down roots. Wondering about the whole birth when it will happen how she will care for a new baby and yet no longer having a husband to lean on. I think she was feeling jealous (not in a super bad way but in an expected way). I think the emotion of being alone and pregnant and wanting her love her husband and seeing someone else starting out I am sure it just hit her hard. I think also hearing their dreams and how similar they were to her own and yet realizing the reality of her situation. In the book she seems to get the whole snap out of it routine often and yet if I were in her shoes I am sure I would be handling things much worse. I just feel for her. I would not fair well in her circumstances at all.

2. Heather - June 4, 2007

I know what you mean, Bethany. Rose of Sharon started out on this journey so full of life (literally and figuaratively), and she’s just seen one thing after another taken from her. How hard it would be to rejoice with Al when she feels so lost, abandoned, and afraid.

3. Heather - June 4, 2007

You know, the whole collective good thing does make me think of the biblical analogy of the church being the body of Christ. For a body to function properly, every system needs to be doing its job, and those jobs aren’t done in isolation. All the body systems require help from one another. Our nerve endings receive impulses but they are useless to us if the neurons in our brains aren’t connecting. Our lungs might take in oxygen but they need the heart to pump the blood and carry that oxygen to all our cells. No system can work independently of the others.

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