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Snowflower and The Secret Fan: Hair Pinning Days April 12, 2007

Posted by Han in Snow Flower and The Secret Fan by Lisa See.


Here is where we will discuss this section of the book.  Sorry gals I don’t have any specific questions need to read this section myself.  HEE HEE



1. bethany3boys - April 15, 2007

The “secret” blew me away. I was a naive and blinded as Lily was. WHOA!!! Poor Snowflower

2. Sara - April 16, 2007

I was surprised by Beautiful Moon’s death…I think I was more surprised that I wasn’t emotional about it. I usually am the first to cry at any hard moment, but this time it didn’t effect me. Maybe because she was a pretty minor charracter…though her name is mentioned. Or maybe my shell is getting harder…the whole death and cermony was so quick, everyone but the Aunt seemed to move on so quickly. I thought Lily would be more effected. Weren’t Lily and her suppose to live in the same village? Maybe because Lily is writting this many years after the fact she is removed from it? Or a cultural difference?
I also was surprised at what Snowflower’s secret was, I knew something was up when Lily never was invited to vist her. I think Lily handled the truth pretty well…she is only 17 years old. Addiction no matter what time or culture you live in hurts so many!!

3. bethany3boys - April 16, 2007

Sara…I was surprised by her death too. It was so sudden. And have to say I didn’t feel that emotional about it too. I think that her character wasn’t developed in a way that made the reader really connected to her. They do seem to handle death in this book in different way especially the young girls who die. It is like they don’t really matter.

4. amyb - April 23, 2007

In the chapter “The Flower-Sitting Chair” (and actually the whole book), I am continuing to LOVE learning about a culture that is very different than my own. Reading through Lily’s preparations for marriage, her thoughts, expectations, desires, was extremely interesting to me. Their whole world is wrapped up in doing the proper things, in the proper order and responding in the proper way. Can you imagine putting that tasseled headdress on, not eating anything for DAYS, and then, without being able to see anything, meeting your brand new family that is pretty much there to judge you? On top of that, you have to hide all of your feelings. I know that there are plenty of situations we go through that are similar: interviews, meeting new people, hiding feelings etc, but this is their WHOLE LIFE. Even in writing to your best friend, there is cultural pressure to write in the proper way.

Also, it always surprises me how Lily seems determined to make the best of things. What would it be like to know that you are going to be given to a family and husband you have never met, will be most likely abused by at least your mother in law, won’t really see your family or anything you used to know and probably won’t have many if not any real true friends? To face that kind of hopelessness would be extremely hard. Her response to leaving and marrying out is “I was sad I would be leaving my family, but just as I had with my footbinding, I tried to see something bigger -not that tiny slice of life…but a panorama…I was convinced that a new and better future lay ahead of me.” It’s almost frustrating to me that she just goes along with all the rules and craziness, even though it’s probably going to be terrible for her! Then again, most of it is only craziness to me because I know something different. Ha! Interesting for me to translate those senarios to my own life and realize that in my world, in my trials, I should respond like that too…humbly trusting God and “conviced that a new and better future lay ahead of me.”

5. Michelle - April 23, 2007

Great thoughts Amy, thanks for sharing.

6. bethany3boys - April 25, 2007

Amy I loved your thoughts Thanks for posting.

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