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Till We Have Faces: Part II, Chapter 1 January 23, 2007

Posted by Danielle in Till We Have Faces by C.S. Lewis.

We are discussing Part II, chapter 1. Leave and check out comments below.


1. Michelle - January 24, 2007

…. makes you think about love, real love, and what it really is…

2. heather - January 27, 2007

For me, this was the “a ha!” moment when I felt like I was finally seeing the whole picture. This is the point at which the figurative veil is stripped away and we start to see things more clearly. We see another side to Redival – a lonely young woman who has lost Orual’s love and has no one else. Up until this point I had only thought of Bardia’s wife as Orual had. She was the one Bardia went home to, the one he loved. She was the lucky one, Orual the unlucky. How ironic that Ansit was sitting at home, thinking those same thoughts of the Queen!

You are so right, Michelle. This chapter does make you think about what real love is. Minus the life and death context, I can so relate to that section where Orual is consumed with writing her book, grumbling that Bardia is still home sick ( “Does he mean to slug abed for the rest of his life? It’s that wife of his.” ) I can complain so often in my relationships, focusing on how others have disappointed me, never stopping to consider how I have disappointed them and failed to love them unconditionally. When she finally realizes how grave the situation is, and how little thought she’s truly given to Bardia’s health, it’s too late. When Orual talks about finding pleasure in steering others towards mocking Bardia, she is recognizing just how ugly her love has become. “Did I hate him, then? Indeed, I believe so. A love like that can grow to be nine-tenths hatred and still call itself love.” p. 266.

Being home with my kids all day, I usually find myself saying, at least once a day, “Are you showing your brother/sister love? Are you loving him/her with the kind of love God requires?” I should be holding that mirror up to myself more often. Am I patient? Am I kind? Am I jealous? Do I brag? Am I arrogant? Do I act unbecomingly? Do I seek my own? Am I easily provoked? Do I keep a record of wrongs done to me? Do I rejoice in unrighteousness rather than the truth? Do I bear all things? Believe all things? Hope all things? Endure all things? Is my love unfailing?

3. heather - January 27, 2007

On a side note, Lewis has some beautiful passages in this chapter. I love these quotes:

“The change which the writing wrought in me (and of which I did not write) was only a beginning — only to prepare me for the gods’ surgery. They used my own pen to probe my wound.” p. 253-4

“This was only the first stroke, a light one; the first snowflake of the winter that I was entering, regarded only because it tells us what’s to come.” p. 256

“It was a labour of sifting and sorting, separating motive from motive and both from pretext… ” p. 256

“And now those divine Surgeons had me tied down and were at work. My anger protected me only for a short time; anger wearies itself out and truth comes in.” p. 266

4. Amy - January 30, 2007

Well, I finally got a chance to post and everything I wrote just got erased. 🙂 To sum up – I thought the last couple of paragraphs were extremely insightful (p. 267) into what happens when our passions/loves/etc. become all-consuming. It ends up being “a sickening thing” And how sad that in the end, after being so blinded to her own wrongdoing by her concern for only herself, Orual is left with nothing. Makes me take a closer look at my own life….where are my passions ruling, where am I blinded to my sin because I’m most concerned about me and can’t see anything else? Interesting.

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