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Till We Have Faces: Chapter 18 January 17, 2007

Posted by Danielle in Till We Have Faces by C.S. Lewis.

We are discussing chapter 18. Leave and check out comments below.



1. Michelle - January 18, 2007

Two things stand out to me:

First… How the fox apologized to the queen for using her love for him to try to dissuade her from participating in the fight. – Talk about hot coals over the head.

Then… The Queens first action as such was to free her grandfather. It seemed so selfless. She didn’t even consider that he was free to leave her. She was only concerned about his welfare if she were not longer around to protect him.

2. heather - January 19, 2007

Michelle – that was definitely a “hot coals” moment, especially since she was already fighting self-pity over that exchange: “I could see right into his heart, for I knew he now implored me with the same anguish I had felt when I implored Psyche. The tears that stood in my eyes behind my veil were tears of pity for myself more than for him. I did not let them fall.” (p. 198) As Fox put it, “Love is not a thing to be so used.” (p. 204) OUCH!!!!

I love Fox for his sacrifice in staying with Orual, and I love Orual for loving him enough to want to set him free.

3. bethany3boys - January 20, 2007

I couldn’t agree more with both of your on both aspects. Ouch is right.

And the part where she freed the Fox was so sweet. I love her reaction when she realizes what she has truly done and what that might mean for her. What a reflection of true love for someone.

4. bethany3boys - January 20, 2007

The whole part where she was trying to pick out armour and her father suddenly dies with the busy wirl wind going on around him. I know it is so mean of me but his dying in that way seemed fitting in how he treated his girls.

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