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Till We Have Faces: Chapters 14 January 11, 2007

Posted by Danielle in Till We Have Faces by C.S. Lewis.

We are discussing chapter 14. Leave and check out comments below.



1. heather - January 16, 2007

I think the idea Ashleigh brought up under an earlier post about Psyche being a martyr is very evident in Chapter 14. The ugliness of Orual’s manipulative, jealous love seems to reach a real peak in this chapter. First she injures herself, then she uses that as well as a threat “I’ll first kill you and then myself.” p. 165. Psyche’s response is very much like a martyr: ” ‘Orual,’ said she, very queenlike, raising her head, ‘you might have spared that threat of killing me. All your power over me lies in the other.’ ”

Psyche goes on to describe Orual’s love: “You are indeed teaching me about kinds of love I did not know. It is like looking into a deep pit. I am not sure whether I like your kind better than hatred. Oh, Orual — to take my love for you, because you know it goes down to my very roots and cannot be diminished by any other newer love, and then to make of it a tool, a weapon, a thing of policy and mastery, an instrument of torture — I begin to think I never knew you. Whatever comes after, something that was between us dies here.” p. 165.

More quotes that point to Psyche as a martyr for her sister:

“I know that I am betraying the best of lovers and that perhaps, before sunrise, all my happiness may be destroyed forever. This is the price you have put opon your life. Well, I must pay it.” p. 166

” ‘The sun is almost down,’ she said. ‘Go. You have saved your life; go and live it as you can.’ ” p. 167.

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