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Another Interesting Interview with Enger October 21, 2006

Posted by heatherelle in Peace Like A River by Leif Enger.

I don’t think this interview has been referenced yet; it gives some of his history as a writer as well as some hints at what he’s working on next.



1. bethany3boys - October 21, 2006

Thanks I am going to hop over and read this.

2. Jane Swanson - October 21, 2006

What an excellent interview! Everyone should read this.
Thanks so much for sharing it. Leif Enger is a really great guy!

3. Ashleigh - October 22, 2006

Thanks for posting this, Heather. As a dabbling freelance writer, I found it really interesting. I laughed when I read how he tried to write his first novel as a teenager and said, “Itt was about, as I recall, animals in a sewer of a large city who decide to come up out of the sewer. It was just bad science fiction. I got eight pages into it and I thought ‘I can’t write a novel.'” Just shows that sometimes God plants ideas and dreams in our hearts years before their fruitation.

Also, I thought it was interesting how he said Swede was his favorite character “because she was an unexpected present. I just didn’t imagine Swede when I was thinking about how to make a plot out of an asthmatic child. I did know I wanted the father to be able to do miracles, because I wanted to do that for my asthmatic son and could not. And I knew that I wanted a kind of old-fashioned outlaw older brother because I love characters like that. So that was Davy. But I didn’t think about Swede until I was writing the first chapter and Ruben is going off to North Dakota to go hunting and basically what happened was Ruben opened the car door and Swede was sitting there; a little blonde is sitting there. So I just rolled with it and Swede grew into a key character of the book, and she was certainly the most fun to write.”

4. anneswanson3 - October 23, 2006

Thanks for sharing this Heather…it was really great to read his thoughts…I am eager to read his new train robber book! i hope it is not too long before it comes out.!

5. zoanna - October 29, 2006

I wish I could be part of this book club. I am trying to keep up with my high school daughter’s curriculum . She’s a homeschooling senior with a ton of good literature (and some mediocre, and some barely tolerable, in her opinion!). Maybe next year. I’ll just have a kindergartner at home.

BTW , I posted on my blog literally seconds before you commented. You must be a speed reader!

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