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Nice Picture in the uploads October 19, 2006

Posted by Han in Coffee Talk...unrelated.

I was getting ready to do the last post and ummmm you know who I loved the picture you uploaded….Is this the one you want on the getting to know you section? 🙂picture-10.jpg



1. anne - October 19, 2006

Love the picture!!!

2. heather - October 20, 2006

Ha ha! I wondered when you’d notice! The girls thought this would be funny! The sad truth of the matter is, I don’t have many pictures in which I am the subject! I’m usually the picture taker! I guess I could do one of those MySpace shots where I try to look like I’m in this creative pose, but you can tell by the angle of my arm that I’m taking the pic with my camera…no, maybe not!

3. Ashleigh - October 20, 2006

Heather, funny picture!

4. bethany3boys - October 20, 2006

HEE HEE. I had no need to go into the browsing pic file until I needed to pull up a book cover. Then there it was. I laughed my fanny off. Too funny.

I will take a pic of you in November Heather. 😉

5. Sharron - October 21, 2006

Did someone need pictures of Heather? Look no further! And I’ve never seen a bad one yet…so go ahead and put funny eyeballs on your face! Me? No way, I find a decent pic of myself and I’m not messin’ with it.

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