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Coffee Talk: Bloglines October 11, 2006

Posted by Han in Coffee Talk...unrelated.

If you read lots of blogs and don’t use bloglines you really should start. You can click to add the blogs you read then go directly to bloglines to read your blogs. There it will show you what has been updated since you last visited. So then you won’t waste time clicking on your favorite blogs to see if anything new has been posted.

Also there is a feature to add to be notified of new comments to your favorite blogs. Which might be a great idea for those of you on the bookclub. You can easily click to the new comments you have not read yet.

So go check it out!

I am not sure if those of you that have been set up as an author have this feature but I have all the new comments on this blog emailed to me.  I did that in my wordpress setup.  So that is another option to check out.



1. Danielle - October 11, 2006

I love using bloglines!

2. Ashleigh - October 11, 2006

Me too! Although, I haven’t figured out how to configure it so it shows me the latest comments. Tips on how to do this?

3. anneswanson3 - October 11, 2006

help me out with this bloglines stuff…I am not getting it!

4. Bethany - October 11, 2006


go to http://www.bloglines.com
sign up. Then there will be a little icon thing that basically you click when you are on a blog you want to add to your feed you will want to bookmark that to click whenever on a blog you want. Then when on the blog you are reading click that icon in your bookmarks. It will bring up a list of feeds for you to preview and there you can click and choose which feed you think is best. Usually the first one. I think then you have the option to have a feed of just posts or post and comments. Once you sign up for bloglines I think you can click on the icons below on the sidebar. The RSS ones and that will add it to your feed. Then basically you go to bloglines everyday to read your blogs. You will see a list highlighted of the ones that have been updated and then you just click on it and then you will see a preview…click on the preview and that will take you directly to the blog. So much easier to keep up on your favorite blogs and saves a TON of time.  To get a feed for the Book club comments do the following…After you sign up for bloglines come back to the bloggersbookclub site then scroll down on the right sidebar and RIGHT click on the RSS orange comment button which is the right button.  Copy the link URL.  Go back to your bloglines and then on your blog feeds click add then paste the link and voila.  Email me or comment here if you need more help.  I did a run through and it worked.


5. Ashleigh - October 12, 2006

Thanks, Bethany! That was very helpful. I added the comments RSS feed to my bloglines.

6. Bethany - October 14, 2006


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