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Leap of Faith: Chapters 19 and 20 September 20, 2006

Posted by Han in Leap of Faith by Queen Noor.

We are discussing chapters 19 and 20 here. Leave and check out comments below.



1. bethany3boys - September 21, 2006

This stood out to me in chapter 19 I think page 388
“In Jordan, Many women focused their talents and energies on responsibilitites at home. The cohesive family environment stemming from this emphasis on motherhood creates a level of social stability that would be the envy of most western countries. Indeed, the Middle East suffers less random crime and violence than the industrialized world, in large measure thanks to the devotion of women to their families.”

While I do agree that Moms at home or parental involvement period probably has an effect on crime and violence I find it ironic sometimes how she feels that the Middle East has it together in terms of crime and violence and keeping peace. Karen and I were talking the other day about how in another chapter she talks about how peaceful they are as a people but Israel is always instigating things. Well then she goes on to talk about all the bickering and lying between Arab countries and leaders…without Israel being involved and the whole Kuwait thing just shows that. And here in Chapter 19 she goes on to talk about a Jordanian soldier that shot 7 Israeli schoolgirls to death and wounded one at a crossing point. That is not an act of random crime and violence? I know she is saying she believes there is less there but the appearance and news reports seem to suggest differently.

2. bethany3boys - September 21, 2006

In chapter 20 I thought it was kind cool when she talked about the guy that brought her husband water from Mecca’s sacred Zam Zam well, which they say God created to save Ishmael and Hagar from dying of thirst. She mentioned that it has never dried up. That is really an incredible thing!!!

3. Michelle - September 25, 2006

That the well hasn’t dried up is interesting.

I also found in interesting that she resorted to rubbing rubies on Huessin’s body to help him heal. I can imagine feeling desperate to have a loved one cured, but how does that fit into her beliefs? Anyone know???

4. bethany3boys - September 25, 2006

Michelle, this ruby rubbing combine with Nicole’s comment in chapters 13-14 reveal how big her god is in her eyes. I mean my God is so big that I know I don’t need to rub rubies for healing but I also trust Him to decide what is best. And like Nicole mentioned with her relating to her stepchildren….couldn’t she go to God.

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