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Leap of Faith: Chapter 21 and Epilogue and Afterword September 20, 2006

Posted by Han in Leap of Faith by Queen Noor.

We are discussing chapters 21 and Epilogue and Afterword here. Leave and check out comments below.



1. bethany3boys - September 21, 2006

What did you all think of him crowning he eldest son? Does anyone know anything about the job that King Abdullah is doing. I saw his wife Queen Rania on Oprah. She was very eloquent and reminded me a lot of Queen Noor. You can google her and get to her official website…seems she is carrying on the tradition of a humanitarian. Side note and totally superficial but….SHE IS SO PRETTY!!! I never realized she was from Kuwait until this book. She was part of one of the families that fled.

2. Karen - September 22, 2006

My understanding of King Abdullah’s reign is that he again put restrictions on the press. If you criticize the Royal family or government you can be jailed. He also took away the crown of Hamzah. I don’t know why. I think he made his own son Crown Prince instead.
Ending the book w/ his death…I expected that…made for such a sad ending. In spite of the many differences and outright disagreements I had w/ Noor’s world view, I couldn’t help but like Hussein and empathize w/ her as a wife and mother. I think one thing that Hussein emphasized over his lifetime was attempting to find common ground w/ all peoples whether you agree or not. We can relate to being a woman, daughter, wife, mother, environmentalist, humanitarian, stranger in a strange land, misunderstood, etc. I think I came away from this book w/ a fresh perspective regarding prejudging others or making assumptions based on the reports of media or other outsiders. (Her account obviously holds certain biases.)
Did anyone find the reliance of so many countries around the world on the UN a bit disturbing? Who made the UN boss? What makes them qualified to make decisions regarding international law? Aren’t they made up of many of the dictators and tyrants that should be punished for their actions toward their own people? Isn’t America a sovereign country? I read in our history books that we declared independence 350 years ago. Bill Clinton refused to comply w/ UN resolutions when he sent troops into Bosnia against Melosovic. We go against the UN all the time. Funny how we are vilified for it.
Her commentary on Bibi Netanyahu was eye opening as well. I’ll just leave it at that.
Interesting book. Fascinating insight.

3. Ashleigh - September 22, 2006

Karen, I agree in that even though I disagreed with content in the book, there is that common ground of being a woman, wife, and mother. Of loving our families and wanting the best for them. And it was interesting to learn about her life.

Also, yes, it was disturbing how much power people seem to think the UN should have. Time and again she kept bringing up how countries violated UN resolutions, which got old fast. Personally, I don’t have a lot of respect for the UN.

Does anyone think that King Abdullah’s restrictions on the press could have influenced how Queen Noor’s book is written? She obviously wouldn’t want to say anything too critical about the Royal family or the country of Jordan.

4. Karen - September 22, 2006

Absolutely, it would have an effect on the slant of the book. He is only her step-son, so she would not have the same platform to speak into his life and influence his politics as she did w/ her husband

5. Jane Swanson - September 22, 2006

I remember when he had his funeral and it was said that she couldn’t attend because of Moslem beliefs. She says this was not true but then she says that she and his sister Basma viewed it from inside somewhere. I don’t call that outright attending, do you?

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