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Leap of Faith: Chapters 13-14 September 14, 2006

Posted by Han in Leap of Faith by Queen Noor.

We are discussing chapters 13 and 14 here. Leave and check out comments below.



1. Bethany3boys - September 15, 2006

Wasn’t his 10th Anniversary letter sooooo sweet!!!!

2. Ashleigh - September 15, 2006

Bethany, yes, it was a sweet note. 🙂

I thought it was interesting how on page 274 she notes:

The private time in America, without the pressure of speeches, press interviews, or anything political whatsoever, allowed me to realize how much I missed family and friends. I needed to find time for them; otherwise, I would lose touch with my roots and the influences that had shaped my life.

For me, this was refreshing to read. It made her seem more like a real woman and less like this super woman who easily embraced a new culture and way of life with little thought of the old.

Also, it was sad to read on page 281 how experiencing normal family life — which included sitting by the fire roasting chesnuts or walking freely through streets — were rare for their family. Gave me a fresh appreciation for being able to enjoy private moments with my husband and children in front of the fire in a cozy home.

3. bethany3boys - September 18, 2006

I never realized that Iraq was basically where ancient Babylon was located or all the significant historical events that took place there. That was really interesting to read.

I also thought her views on Iraq and Saddam Hussein intersting in light of what happens in the future. She talks about going into the Kindergartens and being distrubed by the way they were taught to idolize Saddam. She was seeing things disturbing and unhealthy and noting it would not last if Iraq continued on this path.

Page 295 she says
“For the Iraqi people to have no other choice but to focus all their hopes and dreams on a single person seemed to me to represent an unsustainable future fot the country. Saddam Hussein would not always be Iraq’s leader, and it was important that generations of young people developed loyalty to the country or its institiutions, not simply to one individual.”

(don’t know how you do your little quote thing Ashleigh)

4. Ashleigh - September 18, 2006

Bethany, I used the html for blockquotes. Before the quote I put

and after it I put


5. bethany3boys - September 18, 2006

oops put my chapter 15 comment in the wrong place.  🙂

6. Ashleigh - September 18, 2006

Oh — looks like the html I put in read as html. I should have known it would!

7. Nicole Baird - September 24, 2006

pg. 272
“Had I ever imagined the total helplessness I would feel with my stepchildren, I might have reflected more deeply on the advisability of marrying their father.”

I was surprised to hear her say this, it didn’t seem at all like her (what I’ve read so far) to talk about “What ifs.” I wasn’t actually shocked to see that teenagers can be ungrateful, selfish, and rebellious in other countries though, same sin, different country! 🙂 Not to say they didn’t have any good points. What made me sad and also made me take note was that despite all her faith in her religion, at this point she made no comment about going to her “god” or God. (or whatever would be proper to write in that spot, I’m a math person, writing is hard for me) 🙂

8. bethany3boys - September 25, 2006

Nicole check out Michelle’s comment in chapter 19-20 I think…it relates to this.

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