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Quote of Note September 5, 2006

Posted by Han in Book Circle Set Up, Leap of Faith by Queen Noor.

While reading the book if anyone has a quote that really stands out to them email it to me or post it here and I will add to the sidebar. I know a few of our members are without internet connection this week due to vacation or computer problems…we can’t wait until you are able to add to our discussion. And those of you blurking we would love to hear your thoughts…I know in talking with many of you a lot of us are working through this book and at the same time trying to understand history etc. Also if anyone else has books or links that might be helpful in understanding what went on during this time that would be great too. I know Ashleigh has linked some in chapter 3-4 discussion that are worth checking out. Hope you all are enjoying this book…sorry to start out with such a heavy topic and harder read.  For those of you still in the first chapters it does pick up when she gets married.  😉



1. Ashleigh - September 19, 2006

“For twenty years we had been husband and wife, father and mother, life partners through international crisis and domestic turmoil in Jordan. I had joined him with all my heart in his quest for peace in the region and experienced with him every achievement and setback. Above all, we shared a love of Jordan and the goal of prosperity for all our beloved people.”
Queen Noor, pg. 403

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