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Leap of Faith: Chapters 9-10 September 1, 2006

Posted by Han in Leap of Faith by Queen Noor.

We are discussing chapters 9 and 10 here. Leave and check out comments below.



1. Ashleigh - September 5, 2006

On page 163, Queen Noor talks about her miscarriage and writes,

I told him how difficult our time in Austria had been for me, which evoked an instructive response. “Well, this trip has been difficult for me, too,” he said. “The last time I was in the Alps in a sleigh was in Saint Moritz with the Shah and hahbanou of Iran, and now they have been forced out of the country.” I looked at him, dumbfounded by this seeming non sequitur, but I was discovering a pattern of behavior that would hold throughout our marriage. His response to any personal concern I expressed would be to counter with some greater problem that he was suffering from, in order to put my problem into perspective. I also learned that this man, who had the biggest heart in the world, could not talk about things that were personally painful to him precisely because he felt the pain so deeply. He just could not handle it.”

Did anyone else find the King’s response insensitive? Yes, I think we need to put things into proper perspective. But, the miscarriage was the loss of their child. How is that less of a personal response than people being forced out of their country? At least those people hadn’t been killed in the process.

She says that the King did this because he couldn’t deal with the pain. But if they never talked about it, does she know for sure that’s the case?

Also, again, the inability of them to share personal concerns and hurt had to affect the closeness they shared as husband and wife.

Again, I know! I’m the cynical reader …

2. Ashleigh - September 5, 2006

Okay, I found a couple typos in my post.

In the quote it should read, “Shah and Shahbanou.”

Then the next paragraph, it should say, “How is that less of a personal loss than people being forced out of their country?”

3. Nicole - September 10, 2006

I was slightly amazed at that portion too! It seems like the King was almost chiding her for being upset with her struggle of losing a child because and almost making it seem life a trifle compared to other tragedies. Yikes! How sad to not be able to turn to your husband for comforn because he “couldn’t deal with the pain.” Or at least be aware that his pain was concerning her difficulty with the matter instead of other people’s.

I think that there are certainly times that viewing others suffering around us is helpful to put things in perspective, but is that the first thing? When I think of Jesus on this earth, he first comforted, then taught. He had compassion first, and then drew people’s gaze toward himself and others. And now I’ve joined Ashleigh in the cynical reader’s club… 🙂

4. Jaree - September 10, 2006

Ashleigh, I totally thought it was insensitive … there is a time for a broader persepective and then there is a time just to be a caring, loving spouse.

5. bethany3boys - September 10, 2006

Having been someone that had a miscarriage recently I was very offended by how he handled her. OUCH!!!!!!! Just listen and hold her!!! Don’t make light of her feelings or ignore them. I gotta run I will add more thoughts later.

6. Michelle - September 15, 2006

Yes- insensitive in my opinion! Good question Ashleigh- how did she know his insensitive response was because he couldn’t handle the pain if they never spoke of it…. ???? I don’t think these questions make you a cynical reader at all, Ashleigh. More like an active reader. I’m much saddened by his response to his wifes pain.

(Hope no one minds my typos. I’m horrible at proofing what i wrote. hehe)

7. Seta - September 24, 2006

I felt like she quite often made excuses for his behavior, on this occasion and in future chapters. I imagine any book she wrote would have to not disparage the King’s reputation in any way, but I wish I felt like she was telling us how she REALLY felt. I bet it was quite a lot stronger than she lets on.

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