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Leap of Faith: Chapters 7-8 September 1, 2006

Posted by Han in Leap of Faith by Queen Noor.

Here is where we will discuss chapters 7 and 8. Leave and check out the comments below.



1. bethany3boys - September 10, 2006

I noticed Chapter 7-8 to be where she was realizing what she was going to be faced with and dealing with. In Chapter 7 she talkes about adjusting to the difference in life and culture. The West having a sense of privacy and personal space the East being more about communal identity. This was forcing her to stretch. I am sure this was an even greater challenge considering that not only did she move and become a part of a culture that is more communal and less private but she became a public figure in that type of culture which I am sure made it seem different from what she was use to on an even larger scale. She talks about how when people are faced with discretion some would end up speculating even more. I am sure that there is some reality to that statement even here in the West if it is concerning someone that is famous and in the public eye. That natural tendancy to be curious about someones life and form an opinion about what is truth in the absence of information. Of course I probably do this on a smaller scale. Reading into something my husband does and forming an opinion that he must be feeling or thinking this without even asking him. Which is wrong for me to do to him or to anyone for that matter. I Can only imagine how that feels to be having that done on a larger scale and in such a public way. I am sure it was very difficult to strike that balance of sharing information to squash rumors yet still having a personal and private life. I don’t know that I could handle being in the public eye like that. I know Jaree had some questions pertaining to being in the public eye or famous on one of the comments from an earlier chapter. It is hard to say what is right. There are benefits that come from being in the public eye or being famous but there are a lot of drawbacks too. But in a way it is the interest of the public that makes them famous in the first place and if there wasn’t the interest there wouldn’t be any fame. Unfortunately there doesn’t sseem to be a way to control or limit that interest to ones liking so I think it just comes with the territory and a person in this position has to remember what is important. I can see where in a political circle it has to be very difficult because false rumors could really hurt what you are trying to do. It serves as a good reminder to go to the source before passing information on…and also that We DON’T need to know everything. What are your thoughts on this? How does the urge of a need to know Everything including details that don’t pertain to what we REALLY need to know changed how our leaders are able to lead?

2. Nicole - September 11, 2006

Okay, everyone is posting such serious comments, I guess I’ll be the shallow one! 🙂 I thought is was so cool when she was talking about how Valentino flew from Italy to give her some clothing, and how famous designers were competing to get her to wear her clothes and jewlery. Obviously she is the right woman for the job, she wasn’t caught up in all that, and that shows where her heart is. But seriously, wouldn’t that be fun just for a little bit?

3. bethany3boys - September 12, 2006

Your are cute Nicole. Yes that would be incredible!!!!!

4. Ashleigh - September 12, 2006

What struck me about Queen Noor’s sudden loss of privacy was that she didn’t even have privacy in her own home. She writes,

It was jarring to walk out of even my bedroom to immediately face a valet or a waiter or my husband’s aide-de-camp (ADC). Though some people might yearningly fantasize about such personal attention, I found it quite unsettling and intrusive. Over the years to come I would realize that some of this dissonance was cultural — the difference between a Western sense of privacy and personal space and an Eastern emphasis on communal identity and space. (p. 127)

It’s one thing not to have privacy when one is in the public eye, but another not to have it in the hallway outside one’s bedroom.

Also, when I read this I thought about the three years I lived in Hawaii. There’s a huge Eastern influence there. I remember being uncomfortable with proximity. I’d be standing in line at the post office or the bank and the person behind me would literally be breathing down my back. I’d take a few steps forward, trying to gain a little more personal space, but they’d also move forward. The close proximity was very much a cultural thing there. Something as a Western mainlander I wasn’t used to. This was hard for me to adjust to, so I can’t imagine having to adjust to all that Queen Noor did.

5. Ashleigh - September 12, 2006

By the way, I agree Nicole, it would be fun to have all those clothes offered!!

6. anneswanson - September 13, 2006

I want clothes…like a celebrity preparing for an awards show or something…gets sent all sorts of clothes from designers to choose from

My shallow comment of the day 🙂 Hee hee Nicole! 🙂

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